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Let us help connect your team

At Radio Depot, not only do we understand that both your time and money are extremely valuable, but also that radios can be a confusion subject.

All of our sales representatives achieve the Master Certification through Motorola's training center to ensure your investing in the correct solution, the 1st time. 

Expert support you can trust

Two-way radios are a critical component of the day to day operations for many companies.

Radio Depot's experienced technicians can assist with repair needs ranging from simple warranty claims up to entire fleet reprogramming.

We can also NDA replacement devices to keep you up and running.

Deploy advanced radio systems

Often times, simplex communication (radio-to-radio) is inadequate for a company's needs, or there is a new system that needs to be integrated with.

For these situations, we can design a bespoke infrastructure plan to extend both radio coverage and increase business efficiency by linking advanced systems together.

We can handle your FCC license

Why deal with the government more than you need to?

Radio Depot offers support for both coordinated and itinerant licenses along with multi-site allocation. 

We can ensure you stay compliant while also maximizing the frequency space available in your area. 

Radio Depot's COVID-19 safety measures and cleaning tips

We are currently open and fulfilling orders. Our #1 priority is the safety of our employees, suppliers, customers, and all the families connected to anyone we do business with.

Click the link below to learn what measures we and our partners are taking to keep you safe. Also learn tips on how to disinfect your two-way radios and accessories.

Learn more abut Radio Depot and COVID-19

All our products are new and include their original warranties

The Motorola CP200D is America's #1 best selling radio due to its outstanding ruggedness and backwards compatibility with the popular Radius CP200 model.

Need the very best two-way radio on the market? Look no further than the Motorola XPR 7550e. It features a 5 year warranty, IP57 waterproof rating, built-in wifi, GPS, and much more.

If you are looking for a cost effective analog only option, the Icom F4001 is our recommendation.

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